Illuminated tango and pleasure

Por Andrea Saldaña Rivera

illuminated tango and pleasure 


First of all, today I refuse to forget your kisses, your caresses

written or verbal, those soft touches, the cuddles,

and cuddles. Therefore, today, I do not even want to disregard the thread

of the many milongas that I enjoyed with you in the city.



Even, I refuse to put aside, the moon, the myths of love.

Probably because of all the grumbling, because of that intimacy that dawns without sorrow

sun drenched. To remember sometimes: those footlights,  

illuminated the tango and the pleasure of dancing it, there in the suburb.



And he spends his life evoking you, only six hours a day in winter.

Then I come to you, in the middle of the snow. Since then, when turning on the lights,

dreams are stimulated, shadows are appeased with everything and the

Homesick and I enjoy you, without ever lying to my memories.

Who I am?

Something about me, in the words of Angélica Luna and Parra + 

When human beings read poetry we connect with the best in the world. When human beings write poetry, they connect with the universe and appropriate its brilliance and depth. Poetry is the pictorial art of the word that allows us to seize the deepest concepts, the freshest and most luminous sensations.

When a tireless woman like Andrea writes and publishes poems like the ones in this book “El erotismo y susjuegos”, she commits an act of courage and generosity because she knows that she owns her words, but when she turns them into poems she makes them flourish in an expression of art that acquires its own shine and its own aroma. From that vital force of a full and generous woman, the Andrea Saldaña has been forged that we had to meet fighting for women's rights. 

My gratitude was given for the words, for the feeling and the admiration.

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