Licenses have been taken for everything

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Licenses have been taken for everything


I have enjoyed clothed grays, all of them, I could find them,

They had charm and magic. Helped to change perspective

therefore, black or white were not always the only options.

Licenses have already been obtained for almost everything, even for love!


Rhythm is required, perhaps with sensual strategy and tactics

in addition to eroticism, if the mental capacity is sufficient. Even if

time is short or strategy is enough, at the head of

confusing scenarios. Therefore, what is vital is the goal, the end, the objective.


However, love occurs in everyday life, just need


renew. In conclusion, love is not an unusual dish, it is a feast for two,

It is a daily treat, it is usually indelible, therefore, unforgettable.

Licenses have been obtained for everything, except to forget you!


Who I am?

Something about me:

Since 2016 I have been the head of the program "Mujeres de hoy". I have had the advice and encouragement of my colleagues, collaborators and people I have interviewed. I am learning to share topics of health, education, culture, literature, crisis, tourism, pandemic, quarantine and so many more. All the themes have in common the presence “of today's women and the men in their lives”.

I listen with interest to the topics that my classmates expose, the music with which they accompany their programs. Information opens new doors, music leads us to remember good and bad times, to laugh and cry, like any human being. Here I am, from San Luis Potosí, in Mexico. Broadcasting to be heard live from Chicago Illinois or by Podcast, the internet makes expansion possible. 


…rewind time and memory,

Illuminated tango and pleasure