Eroticism and its games .: Selection of poetic work (1985-2015) (Spanish Edition) (Spanish)

Por Andrea Saldaña Rivera
El erotismo y sus juegos.: Selección de obra poética (1985-2015) (Spanish Edition) (Español)

Forming part of an outstanding group of women who have ventured into contemporary erotic literature, Andrea Saldaña Rivera, from Potosí, presents us with a selection of poems that give an account of the long breath that has animated her in the complex searches of those who wonder and asks the other: If the body you live in is not yours/you do not know the one who lives in you/simply, you are another,/an ephemeral statue that dawns/a seed of water that sees its nakedness. In this book, he shares his deep and emotional interiorities in the cryptic language of erotic poetry.

-Lorraine Cruz-Sanchez

Poetry is the pictorial art of the word that allows us to seize the deepest concepts, the freshest and most luminous sensations. When a tireless woman like Andrea writes and publishes poems like the ones in this book, she commits an act of courage and generosity because she knows that she owns her words, but when she turns them into poems, she makes them flourish in an expression of art that acquires its own shine and its own aroma.

From this book you leave us with an immense gift, I want to end by quoting a fragment of one of your poems, – The soul, is the true memory, from where I observe you, with a silence related to my memories-

-Maria Angelica Luna and Parra.

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