A light in my ways: Autobiography

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Issues of gender violence, workplace harassment, addictions, euthanasia and political violence are identified. Others about love, passion, tenderness, solidarity and friendship seem more logical to us, given her training as a nurse and her career in poetry and communication. In some fragments a confessional approach is recognized. Although it takes us by the hand, or with the reading I would say rather to be interested in the outcomes of each situation. The final conclusion is based on an academic rigor that requires taking distance, providing a sober conclusion. It will undoubtedly help in the endless search that is sensed behind any autobiographical process of the human being.

His full biography on Wikipedia. His most recent works have been published by Editorial Palibrio, they are distributed in Ghandi and Amazon. On Youtube his videos of stories, poetry and songs.

Join the Campaign: If you read, say so. #yosikelus.

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