Loves and other genre stories. . .sity. (Spanish Edition) (Spanish) Paperback

Por Andrea Saldaña Rivera
Amores y otros cuentos de género. . .sidad.



The book Amores y otros Tales de Genero….sidad by Andrea Saldaña is a rare mixture of a didactic proposal (even interactive, with links on YouTube.), of intense moments that seem autobiographical, of narratives, of unexpected endings, of changing perspectives. ,. They come out very alive, from these stories, images and endearing characters, arising from memory, from living memories, or invented characters, but no less alive, and surely, always nourished by those memories:

La Tia Tila, who narrated the history of Mexico, through stories and stories on rainy nights, before going to sleep; Naina Choquehuanca, who gives her name to a book; the unnamed protagonist of “Cada Domingo”; Clementina from “In frank collusion”, a positive example of how to rebel against partner violence and survive the attempt; the young woman who "relied on her beliefs" to discover her way through the convent first and marriage later, as examples of "various ways of serving God" (and I would say of enjoying and living life to the full...,
things that are not necessarily antagonistic, as we are sometimes led to believe…); the white widowed wife-migrant mother of Melquíades, in “Case Closed”; the rapid “genetic” journey of
the Riveras as antecedents of Andrea's professional mission, the acute nostalgia of a father to whom he could not say "Old man, my dear old man" because he never became old, "where the taste of
absence and longing appear even before leaving”; the living memory or invention of a work colleague/inseparable companion/love of life (in the story “Entre las amoenas”….: ); Abel's mother, a single woman among single women, in the times of the revolution -in "La Sentencia"-, when women tend to be, more than ever, intrepid, brave and autonomous, all qualities that, after those moments, society tries to snatch them away to reduce them back to submission and dependence; the chess player from “Not even my intuition”; the loving girl of the “Little Cloud”….

Dr. Raffaela Schiavon Ermani
Medical Specialist in Gynecology-Obstetrics
Director of Ipas Mexico.


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