Testimonials…or PTSD Risk Factors*

Por Andrea Saldaña Rivera

Testimonials…or PTSD Risk Factors*

Almost like Friedrich Kellner «… my testimony would record the barbaric acts, and also show the way to stop them.“ — http://: https://citas.in/temas/testimonio/?page=2
Andrea Saldaña Rivera.


They are children's things.

  1. While we were playing, his uncle arrived. He kissed me hard. It stunk. My friend rescued me. I ran. He went into the chicken coop with her. I heard her screams as much as today in my nightmares.
  2. Finally, they scored Asphyxiation due to bronchial aspiration. I did not agree because his rejection was so obvious. When he asked for the "High" he was very direct "for avoid more expenses, he's just my stepson... ”.
  3. Looks like they lived a block from the hospital. Also the dog was never vaccinated. However, the boy played with him. One day he bit him. Nothing happens. First the dog died, then the boy.
  4. Since then, I have not forgotten his words. “I was so stupid to let myself get pregnant, so the doctor told me to come out. He will talk to my mom, I, I'm nothing anymore."
  5. They overtook us. I was driving, consequently I saw him in his arms. Seconds ahead, they were under the trailer. His mother wanted to cover him up, she was devastated, as much as the little one. That vision still hurts.

The soul also cries for depression.

  1. He informed him of his wife's death. She saw him walk to the hall, suddenly throw himself out the window and fall from the 7th. Hospital floor.
  2. He probably jumped off the balcony. He fell from the 2nd. Floor on four rods of a construction. He did not die of Cancer, as he had been diagnosed.
  3. However, they only entered Intensive Care with authorization. I couldn't wait any longer for the doctor. He took the patient. Upon entering: Cardiac arrest. She saved a life, she was reprimanded.
  4. Because he saw her cough, he tried to help her. He was only able to prevent her from drowning by ejecting her teeth. He died in her arms. Fulminant infarction was the diagnosis. 
  5. almost dailyIt's better today, right?? Same question, months ago. I treated his ulcerated leg. He smiled helplessly. The: "I see her beautiful, do not let them cut her"

*Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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