Obsessive and deceitful kisses ...

Por Andrea Saldaña Rivera

Andrea Saldaña Rivera




International Kissing Day, It is celebrated on April 13. *

My lips tremble before the magic and spell of your desires,

there won't be a spell like that spell: bring your mouth next to mine.

Always take it, that snatched, gives in without haste to yours,

obsessive and trickster kisses of light and shadows and adrift.


They are as deep as the seas,

                                                                         amazed by the distance,

perhaps they yearn for the early light, thin, warm and accompanied.

Soft cadence of the morning, resurfaces in the spring wind,

unpayable debt that longing makes its evocation accessible.

They seem verses of sunrises,

                                                                         overjoyed to amazement,

with those songs of songbirds, or the calls of cicadas.  

Touches, caresses, that make you fall in love while they intoxicate you with their flavors,

they arise without haste, to be enjoyed to the full, to be fully evoked.

*International Kissing Day, It is celebrated on April 13. Above all, it is a tribute to the longest kiss in history. It took place in Thailand. Finally the event was to commemorate the Valentine's Day. https://www.diainternacionalde.com/ficha/dia-internacional-beso

In addition, this date is a reminder of the importance of the kiss. Especially for human relationships. Finally, the kiss has been around for more than 4,000 years.

Most notable is the evidence on the origin of the kiss It seems that  are found in the ancient peoples Semitic. The kiss was probably a customary greeting between equals. On the cheek for friendship. In the hand to express submission. In the mouth to express devotion.https://curiosfera-historia.com/historia-del-beso/#:~:text=Las%20primeras%20evidencias%20sobre%20el,la%20boca%20para%20expresar%20devoci%C3%B3n.  

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