Por Andrea Saldaña Rivera


Andrea Saldaña Rivera.


It wasn't the Pandemic, nor its thousands of dead,

It was life, which crushes the streets every day

and one or another memory stored in the trunk

with its steps, its shadows and other forms.




I'm not sorry to hear the whistle of the air

attached to the afternoon, while the thrushes return,

almost without realizing it my face got wet

Has the drizzle started, or is it a silent cry?




I don't like early, nor being at midnight

although I can pray beyond Los Olivos without falling asleep,

or heed the call or the bells, I prefer prayer

without warning, it comes from the heart and is not the same.



It can be the Mosque, the Church or the chapel, the centenary tree,

a green grass, very fresh and spaced, a calcareous rock  

cut by the hand of man or the passing of the years

there I will pray, it comes from time ago…because it is the same.



First of all, free poetry is a form of poetic expression. Those who know about this matter think that it is also characterized by its intentional departure from the patterns of rhyme and meter. While one who is less well versed in the matter might think that as a result, this is one of the easiest ways, it also has its rules. As a result of them, the poem looks for flows of rhythm and finally resorts to subjective, connotative language. It is insisted that their words and expressions should be especially relevant, they can or should? include more than one meaning or interpretation. Finally, literary language is figurative, it is the way in which it uses metaphors, as well as simile and other literary figures.


Santuario de la Virgen de Guadalupe. CDMX.

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