Por Andrea Saldaña Rivera

70 pages with texts in Spanish and English and drawings alluding to each story to color and give the activity a didactic and fun twist with inclusive, non-sexist language on topics of interest for the development of an egalitarian awareness. It is recommended from 3 to 14 years old.

Coloring and drawing are fun activities. If they are used from childhood, they could be of help to better understand the world. This activity prepares to acquire skills and abilities. You start with strokes until you develop (or not) the taste for doing it. The texts come in Spanish and English. It can be suggested that, using their own words, they write something different from the text that accompanies the drawing.


1. Coloring develops the psychomotor area. In other words, it helps improve motor coordination of fine movements, between neurons, their brain circuits, sight, skill and precision of hand movements.

2. Coloring improves the attitudinal area, it can be done alone or in a group. There are studies that state that, in a non-competitive environment, painting becomes a source of joy and satisfaction. This raises self-esteem. Praise helps, don't forget that.

3. Coloring strengthens emotional intelligence, to better understand the world and its changes. It boosts creativity and allows you to open up to abstract concepts of thought, since both brain hemispheres participate.

4. Increases motivation to learn. Especially when using letters and numbers as pictures. The combination of cognitive elements stimulates creativity and benefits learning.

5. Finally, it induces greater concentration from an early age. Also, it allows greater self-control of emotions and other states of excitement.

Childhood and rights have been a constant in my poetry, narrative and videos, just as for many poets the search does not end, paths, possibilities, options, needs arise and they find my words to put together a proposal like the one I present to you, I hope that it will be of interest and utility in the arduous path of forming new beings in which empathy towards human beings and especially towards women is strengthened.

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