Survive. Coincidences and Diosidencies in Nursing.

Por Andrea Saldaña Rivera
Sobrevivir. Coincidencias y Diosidencias en Enfermería.

Surviving. Coincidences and Godidentities in Nursing.

Survive. Coincidences and Diosidencies in Nursing. Living is a universal occupation. Surviving…is something else, for those of us who practice nursing. We have a high-risk profession. This statement has especially relevant evidence.  

Among the documented risks are: working at night. We do it almost always. As a result, there is a 19% increased risk of getting cancer. The figures in a report are especially relevant. Among them: a 58% higher risk for breast cancer. Also, a 35% for gastrointestinal cancer. A 28% for lung cancer. This, compared to those who work only during the day.

Most notably: Research points to sleep shifting as the big culprit. Time changes probably affect DNA repair. In addition, melatonin levels are altered. It seems to be due to constant exposure to artificial light. As a result, these factors facilitate the growth of cancer cells. 

Surviving. Coincidences and Godidentities in Nursing.

A survey applied in Spain reported that 95.8% of nurses had suffered a biological accident. Also, the 32% of the accidents went unreported! As a result, it is unknown if they took adequate protective measures. These accidents occur when channeling lines and administering medications or blood products. Some of the consequences are: contracting life-threatening diseases. Between them hepatitis B and C, AIDS, Influenza, Ebola…etc. etc.

Other actions of similar risk are: exposure to radiation, biological, cytotoxic or chemical agents. Mental or physical load, noise, vibration and psychosocial factors seem equally unavoidable. You could add mental fatigue, burnout, mobbing, workplace/sexual harassment, and violence. 

Finally, very often we are forced to work more than one day. This increases stress and exhaustion. The worst thing is that these abuses are naturalized. Probably an analysis with a gender perspective would provide better knowledge.,-accidente-biologico!-la-enfermeria-se-convierte-en-profesion-de-alto-riesgo

Survive. Coincidences and Diosidencies in Nursing.

If practicing nursing carries so many risks, why did we choose this profession? Perhaps… the vocation. Probably influence those who preceded us in this profession.

There are coincidences in accidents, tragedies, losses, serious illnesses in the workplace of nurses. It is attributed to DNA as much as to lifestyle and social conditioning. However, surviving them also has to do with something we call "Diosidencias".

Consequently we could recognize the uncommon resistance in this profession. As a result, we faced challenges and moved forward. It looks like a sign or… a stigma. In conclusion, we do not know why we survive in this profession. Perhaps the answer lies in our “social identity”. Above all, understanding in depth would allow us to reflect and show solidarity. For me, dear colleagues, they are part of my family, whether or not they carry my blood. 


The shortage of such professionals is regrettable. Low wages probably play a role. As a result, there is a lack of information and holistic training. Perhaps, the priority is our health. As much as caring for others, caring for ourselves. In addition, it is urgent to take specific preventive measures. Techniques for early detection must consider our risks. But especially, we require extensive training in gender. Though, "In this matter of feminism I agree with Ángeles Mastreta: like her, I think it is an instinct because readings and theories came to me later».

Surviving requires much more than adopting a positive attitude towards life. More than combating the adverse effects of DNA. Much more than following a healthy lifestyle. I could say that they are “Coincidences”, the circumstances that help us survive. I am convinced that we should call them “Diosidencias”



Andrea Saldaña Rivera.

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