Goodbye cute ladybug ...

Por Andrea Saldaña Rivera

Goodbye cute ladybug ... This happened more than 30 years ago. There by the Colonia Industrial Aviación, formerly called the “little bone”. We had just started the Nursing Cabinet in San Luís Potosí, capital of the state of the same name. She went to request 24-hour home care for her Aunt Mariquita. He was not the only family member left to Doña Mariquita, he was the one who took care of her.

Several nurses met her. He was no more than 60 years old. Her inactivity, her wizened face and depression made her look much older. They had to almost carry her to get her up to the bathroom. He spent the day and night in bed. Sometimes she slept, when she was awake she closed her eyelids. You had to feed him. Reluctantly, he took every morsel or medicine that came into his mouth.


Once, the ambulance had to be called to take her to the hospital: Angina pectoris was the diagnosis. The nephew was emotionally overwhelmed by the contingencies and expenses of the aunt and his own family. We offer several alternatives. He continued with the 24-hour service for the aunt until one fine day…he passed away.

After a few days the widow went to see the situation. I could no longer pay for the service. She had to work in addition to taking care of her children. I commented on the alternatives for the care of her husband's aunt. We support you with the procedures to admit her to one of the shelters in the city. Although private, it was less expensive than the current plan.


I was worried about Doña Mariquita. A few months later I went to the Shelter. After talking with the Director, I expressed my concern. He looked at the clock and invited me into the kitchen. A little surprised I accompanied her, we sat down and she offered me a coffee. I heard a song being sung by someone approaching:

 "Doña Mariquita, do not put your hand in, because if you put it in, the worm will bite, Doña Mariquita, do not put your feet in, because if you put them in, the centipede will bite you.”

I recognized her, although she was a very different woman. It was her, Doña Mariquita, very recovered, walking and moving her shoulders and hips to the sound of the melody, carrying some flowers for the Director. After greeting me, he began to clean the beans to help the cook. We were talking. 


We remember his deceased nephew. The economic difficulties of that family. Once he finished his work he said goodbye and told me “I'm leaving, today I have to receive the "super". Please say hello to the nurses for me. I thank you for what you did for me”.

So, dear colleagues, I send you these greetings. I learned that for many years, Mariquita's family visited her at the Shelter. They couldn't believe the change in Mariquita's health and mood. I can imagine that they returned happy. Satisfied to see the living conditions of Doña Mariquita. I learned from the Director that they continued to visit her in her last years, pleasantly satisfied with her life in the Hostel. 


Andrea Saldaña Rivera.

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