Por Andrea Saldaña Rivera

Catharsis. "Thinking is a risk that cannot be assumed with impunity«, By Agustín Monsreal, I agree. Phrase macho? "TO  the woman does not have to be understood, it is necessary to love her ”¿¿Is it controversial? Some people even hope that women should feel flattered by it. At least I have to "bite my ovaries"(Trite phrase, but precise and with its equivalent for the opposite sex) or swallow the words that some would describe as"feminists"With the worst and most"pejorative”Of the meanings. The well-used custom of silence manages to make its own space. 


The phrase does not correspond to its meanings. Understanding, in its generic definition refers to the ability to think and this is specified as mental or spiritual activity. Love is, according to the Dictionary of Philosophy: A relationship selective and elective accompanied by friendship and its positive effects. It is concluded that both terms could not be separated since for the selection and election processes to occur, mental activity is required, which is part of the understanding. It is just my opinion, based on my knowledge of Spanish, but aware that I do not have the absolute truth in my possession.

Those who say it are not guilty. Nor are they exclusively male. At last, I have come to understand it. There are those who repeat it without thinking: “monkey see, monkey do”. (Chango sees, chango does) Others and others say so because their biological inheritance did not contribute even a tiny molecule of sensitivity in their chromosomes, or the topics of Spanish and gender were lost in the School. Most say it for lack of information, excess of apathy and habit. Even in some intelligent people, I have heard the same phrase in what must have been a few moments of mental laziness.

Talk or shut up?

I wonder, why do women keep keeping silent about this «micro machismo«? At a minimum, should it be considered an attack on Spanish and our quality of people? A repeated phrase tends to legitimize its permanence. Passivity tends to be an unfair omission.  

It is valid to ask others to understand us, in addition to trying to understand them. Understanding is a prerogative of human beings, thus, without distinction of sex. Then all of us can benefit by exercising it more frequently.

Passivity tends to be an unfair omission.  


It is paradoxical that the phrase "but you don't understand me”Is the most used, but… by both sexes. We repeat it from our childhood, then in adolescence, in adulthood, as a couple, because instead of opening ourselves to dialogue we only repeat the phrase “you don't understand me”. And then we transmit it to our sons and daughters in a kind of endless continuous cycle. 


Is it the man or the woman who most often seek understanding of the opposite sex? That matters? Of course yes. I want to know which sex participates more in this activity. 

Catharsis. It is the man or the woman who seek understanding ...

In intimate conversations with friends and friends the topic always jumps. We provide reasons, arguments, specific cases, family archetypes, all the way up to carrying a heavy slab on our back like the "Pípila", overflowing with stories, sentences and proverbs in order to protect ourselves when applying understanding.

I have turned to professional support to understand the elements of thinking that hinder or support actions and attitudes. I know it has helped me defend myself, especially myself. It has helped me to recognize the red flags, dangers, and risks of not using thought appropriately and positively.


This trying to understand, led me to remember one of my songs, «Let the wind be silent », and the popular philosophy of many others. Some of the lines are quite illustrative for the subject. There are songs that I could comment on, but it has not been easy for me to remember them, the absence of another of them has disturbed me, the one whose memories have left me smiling.

I could finish this digression by finally considering that to understand the human being, in whatever role he plays, in whatever circumstance he may find himself: from his dignity as a person to when it comes to special people, aggressors or victims, I must remember that there is no effect without cause and there is no cause without effect.

Perhaps you should even consider how the changes of seasons affect us. Autumn encourages depression in people. Let's not forget that suicide is on the rise at this time. It is November, the text is autumnal and twice, but I have no intention of committing suicide. Could it be that fatigue has come to me?

Maybe I'm exhausted, but I don't mean to pass the bill on to anyone. Probably, I'm looking for calm waters ... shallower. Will I be able to ask them to understand me from now on, without expecting in return that I continue to do so, as in the past?


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