Just to breathe better ...

Por Andrea Saldaña Rivera

Just to sigh better ...

There are those who grow up thinking of claiming oblivion, as if "it were true" that the memory would have left over. Not everything has to do with forgetting. Sometimes even the dog days are blamed, that heat that rages so much. You even start thinking more often and more fearfully about hell. Of course, this is "ruminated" just for the inside.


Just to sigh better ...

The talk then, is given in pieces. It is worrying to think that after each word we will suffocate. Then one is silent. Words are saved for a better occasion. Anyway, the heat of the air gets into his eyes, nose and mouth so hot it gets. That's when you want to sigh. At least I. Just pa 'sigh better, just for that, is that I grab more air, not "li even" it is hot. That's when I remember my father the most.


hunger is very poor ...

He left us the image of his eyes, watery, red and almost burst. The work in the boss's cornfield exhausted him. That is why he decided to go "wet". I imagine he used even his tears to start erasing our names. Because not a letter did he send us, much less the money he had promised. At least to eat, because hunger is very poor, you do not know where to get into your intestines.


it brought the smells of other kitchens.

Hunger likes to "screw" our bellies at all times. Water and beans with some tortillas is not enough. After eating we started with the noises, like the guts protesting for so little food. The worst thing is that in addition to listening to it, those around them also hear it. They say that belching or flatulence does their job, but the fact is that they leave our stomach empty again.

Not because we grabbed a shitload of air were they filled. That if he had had enough, sometimes, it even came tasty, it brought the smells of other cuisines. Finally, one day they came from the municipal presidency looking for my mother. My father was returning. It would arrive the next day. They told him that the coffin was paid for by the Consulate and that the Presidency would pay for the burial. Just pa 'sigh better, just pa' that is that we grab more air.


Andrea Saldaña Rivera

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